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Dependable, Affordable, and Effective: All County Environmental Services

We thought we could do it better and cheaper…so we did!
That’s why we originally got into the pest control business.  After many disappointing results from companies that charged too much and delivered too little we realized there was a need for affordable and dependable pest control in Florida.  We set out to prove it was possible to offer affordable prices without compromising on results or professional service.

All County Environmental Services has earned a reputation throughout Florida for delivering quality results in pest control quickly, efficiently and affordably.  From ants to termites, rodents to bed bugs, spiders, fleas, roaches, and virtually any pest that walks, flies or crawls, All County Environmental Services gets the job done on-time.  Our MISSION STATEMENT says it all:

Mission Statement:

All County Environmental Services will provide unparalleled customer service with quick response, comprehensive inspections and solutions designed to achieve maximum results in an environmentally safe, professional and efficient manner while keeping our prices among the most competitive in the industry.

Employment opportunities for technicians and commissioned sales people.

Send Resume to: nomorepests@yahoo.com

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