Bee Extermination

Bee swarming season occurs during Spring in Florida.

Are you finding your home or business overrun with them?

Have they picked your place of residence as their new home?

Bee eradication is a very delicate process and should only be handled by trained professionals.  Our technicians have been highly trained and have accumulated the know-how to do the job safely and efficiently.  The process is both dangerous and difficult because although bees can often be found under the eaves, they are different creatures than wasps.

Most of the time all you will see is a dozen or so honey bees going in and out of a hole on your property, so the removal can be tricky.  Those few bees that you see are nor an accurate depiction of what is really going on.  There can be a beehive consisting of as many as 10,000 to 50,000 bees!  This hive might also contain as much as 20 to 100 pounds of honey and comb.

If this is your situation, then you have arrived at the right place.  We will provide you with cost effective options for bee extermination both to residential and commercial properties.  We will perform this service for hives that are in roofs, attics, chimneys as well as any out of the ordinary locations the bees choose to nest in.

The sooner this problem is addressed the better because less honeycomb will have to be removed from the premises.  The honeycomb itself can lead to infestations of other insects such as roaches and ants.  We also understand that because of their size, the bees often get into those little areas that are nearly impossible to reach let alone remove the bee hive.  When we send out a bee extermination specialist, he will do his best to properly solve your bee hive problem.

We guarantee our work and give you an outstanding warranty.  We will solve your problem and make you a very happy customer.  With over 40 years combined pest control experience, we can confidently tackle your bee problem.

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